Magic Tricks Revealed: How To Levitate Yourself

Published: 02nd March 2010
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This is a great magic trick to do in front of a small crowd. When done properly, it will always impress them, and they will never be able to guess how you did it. This is an up close magic trick that requires absolutely no props, so you can perform this in any impromptu situation. The only caveat is that you can only do it once. If you are asked to repeat this, your audience will watch you more closely and likely figure out how you it.

The trick goes like this. You are hanging out with some friends, either at a bar or a party. You somehow steer the conversation around to levitation. Maybe you ask your friends if they think it's possible. You say you've learned how to do it, but you've not tried it yet, as you are too afraid of the evil consequences. They naturally ask to see you try it, you take a few steps back, and magically levitate off the ground a couple inches. You collapse back, and quickly explain to them that because it was such a horrifying experience, you will never do it again, leaving them wondering how in the world you just did what you did.

Here's the secret. You stand with your friends in a fairly concentrated in a fairly small area just off to your left. If you were to draw an imaginary cone from where you are standing to the area where they are standing, make sure the cone is smaller than 45 degrees. With your arms slightly at your sides, stand up on the toes of you right foot, while keeping your left foot parallel to the floor. Keep your left foot parallel to the ground. If you stand so that they can't see your right foot, it will appear as though you have levitated off the ground.

It's important to keep them distracted as much as possible, and only to "levitate" for a couple of seconds. Talk about how terrifying it is, or how you felt an evil presence while you were being levitated. As soon as you come back down, quickly return to your group, and refer back to the spot where you levitated as if it some dark evil place that you don't even want to look at. This is a trick where you need to do some pre-trick buildup, quickly do the trick, and then do some post-trick cover up. You can't really call everybody's attention to simply watching you levitate, as they will stare only at your feet, and quickly realize the trick. People like talking about spooky things, and if you can build up a "story" around this, so much the better.

One word of caution. There are plenty of levitation videos that you can watch on the Internet. These are carefully spliced together using various crowd reactions and several different camera angles. Since you can't cut and edit in real life, you have to make sure you do this quickly, and surround the trick itself with tales of mystery and the supernatural.

One way to do this is to tell everybody how frightened you are of actually trying this, and make everybody in your group promise to buy you a drink if you are successful. Then as soon as you finish, tell them how evil and spiritually uncomfortable you felt, and you need that cold beer in a hurry to calm your nerves. Of course, if they keep asking you how you really did this, tell them you need another beer first. Have fun!


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