Magic Tricks Revealed: The Coin Eating Scarf

Published: 03rd March 2010
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This is one magic trick that you simply must have in your repertoire. It's simple, easy to learn and always gets a great reaction from the crowd. Although this not a standalone trick, it works fantastic within a set of tricks and will make any audience glad they came to see you.

Here's how the trick looks to your audience. You hold a regular coin in one hand, and a silk scarf in the other. You give both the coin and the scarf to the audience to inspect, so they can make sure they're both real and not stage props. When they are convinced it is a normal scarf and coin, they return them to you.

The coin is in one hand, and the scarf is in the other. You drape the scarf over the coin, and say your favorite magic words, or wave your magic wand. When you pull the scarf back, the coin is gone, and you wave the scarf to show the coin is not hidden inside. The crowd is amazed, and you can quickly move on to your next trick with much more authority and social proof.

Here's how to do the actual trick. In the hand that you hold the coin with, have a rubber band around two of your fingers. As you put the scarf over the hand holding the coin, you simply and quickly wrap the rubber band around the scarf, around the coin, so that the coin is covered up. Then when hold the scarf, it will be completely concealing the coin, and they won't be able to see it.

The part of this trick where yo show the magic can be a little bit tricky. Obviously, if you hand the scarf back to the crowd, they'll discover the hidden coin. Also, if you wave the scarf around too much, they'll notice that the weight distribution is a little off. As with most other tricks, the management of crowd attention is important. Make sure to keep their focus on the hand the was holding the coin, and not the scarf. Quickly show them the scarf, and then focus your attention on your hand. If you focus on your hand, and not the scarf, so will your audience.

This is a fantastic illusion that goes great in a series of other tricks that are designed to increasingly amplify the crowd's excitement. Because this trick requires some props and a little bit of set up, it should' be the last trick in a set. This is best followed up quickly with some other tricks that you have planned. Have fun with this.


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