Magic Tricks Revealed: The Coin That Defies Physics

Published: 01st March 2010
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If you like to do magic that easily entertains entire crowds, kids and adults alike, then you'll love this simple trick. It's a close up trick, and requires a little bit of set up, but it's well worth it. It works so well you can let them examine your props after the trick and they'll never guess how you did this powerful illusions.

Here's what the audience sees. You produce a regular, plastic bottle, partially filled with liquid. Soda, water, whatever. Empty the contents of the bottle to show that it is a normal, everyday bottle of soda. Then you pull out a regular coin, and of course allow the crowd to inspect it. You take the coin, place it against the side of the bottle, and explain that you are going to pass the coin through the plastic.

You slam the bottle onto the table, and the coin mysteriously appears inside the bottle. You then give the bottle to the audience, and let them inspect it. They will now see a normal bottle with the coin inside. Whatever they do to the bottle, they won't be able to get the coin out. If you are doing this trick for kids, you can even let them keep the bottle.

Here's the trick. The first item you need to get is a strong magnet. If you use an easy to acquire Neodymium magnet, you'll have no troubles, as they are small and easy to conceal. You need two coins, one to display to the audience, and another to secretly place inside the bottle beforehand. To hide the coin inside the bottle, peel back the label, and with a sharp knife, cut a small slit in the bottle, just big enough for the coin to pass through. You can easily put the label back over the slit.

Now position the magnet on the outside of the label, and roll the bottle around so the coin sticks to the magnet, and remains out of sight inside against the label. While holding the bottle, simply keep your thumb over the magnet, and keep the label facing the audience, so they can't see the coin. The force of the bottle hitting the table will dislodge the coin, causing it to drop to to the bottom of the bottle. The audience will be focused on the coin in the bottom of the bottle, and you can quickly stick the magnet and the coin inside your pocket.

The great part about this trick is that after you're done, you can give the bottle to the audience, and unless they peel the label off, they'll never see the slit. Since this is the kind of a trick that requires some single use props, it's best when used in conjunction with some other tricks. Kids (of all ages) love this trick and always find it incredibly entertaining. Have fun.


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