Magic Tricks Revealed: The Coin Under Your Shoe

Published: 03rd March 2010
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This is a fantastic standalone magic trick that doesn't require any set up or props. You can easily work this into any conversation and they'll never know you set this up, and they'll be guessing all night about what really happened.

This is what your unsuspecting friends will see. You're sitting around a table, or standing around at a party. You casually say that you have a mysterious coin eating black hole in your pocket that sucks up money, and then spits it out in mysterious locations. People will naturally be confused, so you naturally volunteer to illustrate your strange problem to them.

You ask one of your friends for a specific coin. Ask them to mark it somehow so they know you're pulling a fast one. You shake your right leg after putting the coin into your right pocket. Then you reach down, and pull the coin out from under your left leg. Bewildered, you give them the coin back, and explain you have no idea how this happens.

Here's the trick. When nobody is looking, you reach down and place a coin under your left foot. Later on you ask for the same coin described above. Then place it in your right pocket, and pull the their coin from under your left foot. But before you give it back to them, place it in your right pocket, as if you'd forgotten you borrowed it from them. Quickly switch coins as soon as you stick your hand in your pocket. That way, the one you give back to them will be the one they marked.

This illusion works best by itself, and without announcing it beforehand. You'll need to play along the whole time, and pretend you have no idea what is going on. No matter how much they press you, claim that you have no idea how or why this happens, only that it happens sometimes, and doesn't happen other times.

What is likely the trickiest part is how to introduce the topic without sounding too obvious once you've hidden the coin under your shoe. Usually it works pretty well when you wait for somebody to talk about money, and then you can gently guide the conversation into losing money and what not. That way they'll have no idea you've set this whole trick up. This trick is great for throwing a monkey wrench into an otherwise normal social conversation. Have fun with this.


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