Magic Tricks Revealed: The Mysterious Folding Money

Published: 09th March 2010
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This is another up close magic trick that always manages to impress almost anybody. It requires a bit of set up, but once you set it up, you can do this trick anywhere. You can either do it by itself, as a gag on your friends in a bar or a party, or you can do it in a set of other tricks if you are doing a structured show. Either way, this crowd pleaser is sure to make them happy.

Here's how the trick will appear to your soon to be amazed friends. You pull out a folded bill, and lay it on the table. You tell some long convoluted story about how money was created out of some secret bond between man and the gods of yesteryear, and you only need to know how to tap into its special powers to control money with your mind. So long as you include magic, history, and metaphysics, you'll be sure to have their attention. Once you have their rapt attention, it's time to do the magic.

You hold your left hand out, and hold the edge of the bill flat against the table. Then you can mumble some secret magic words from Atlantis or something (or must make them up,) and project your powerful psychic energy on the money. In just a couple seconds, the bill magically begins to fold in on itself. After your friends are thoroughly amazed, simply pick up the bill, place it in your pocket and carry on with whatever conversation you were having before the illusion.

Here's the trick. To make the bill fold, just set it up with a very thin piece of thread, and some tape. Make the bill has been folded several times in the right areas to make creases. You take a needle, and push the thread through the bill, and attach it to the other side. You actually run the thread through the bill in two places. So if the bill is laying flat, the thread will come up underneath one half, and go through the second half, and be securely taped to the bottom, so they won't see the tape.

Then you have the thread coming out of the hole (the non taped end) and have it run through your pocket or sleeve, and looped around one of your fingers. For example, if you are holding the bill on the table with your left hand, as you move your right hand away from your body, it will pull the bill in on itself, giving the illusion that it is folding itself. This takes some practice to set up, but after a few tries at home, you'll be able to set this up in no time.

Of course, like with any other trick, the buildup is important as well, as removing any evidence as soon as the illusion is completed. One thing you can do is to have an identical bill in your pocket, that's been folded the same way to show to your friends. So when you pick up the trick bill, you can put it in your pocket and quickly switch it with a normal bill should your friends ask to inspect it. This trick gets great results when sitting around chewing the fat with your buddies over a couple of cold ones, or you can do this in a regular magic show. Have fun.


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