Magic Tricks Revealed: The Stunning X-Ray Card Trick

Published: 18th March 2010
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This is a simple trick that can easily impress a whole group of people. It only requires a deck of cards, and some practice in front of a mirror. You can do this at a party, as an impromptu trick, or as a regular trick among many others than you can do to easily impress a whole crowd.

This is what the trick will look like to your soon blown away group of happy spectators. You pull out a regular deck of cards, and explain to everybody that you have developed X-ray vision. You hold the deck of cards out, so they can see the bottom card, and you can't. You prove the amazing strength of your X-ray vision by staring through the deck and reading the card on the bottom.

Then you close your eyes, and move the card that is on top, to the bottom. Then you open our eyes again, and carefully stare through the entire stack of cards, and read the card on the bottom. The stunned crowd looks on in amazed silenced. You repeat this for every single cards, and by then everybody in the crowd, even the harshest skeptics will be powerfully convinced of your X-ray powers.

Here's how do to do the trick. Take a normal pack of cards, and flip the top card over, so that it is facing up. Then flip the deck around, so the audience sees that card. They will assume that it is the card on the bottom, and the rest are facing in the same direction. So while you are holding the deck facing out, they are looking at what they think is the bottom card, and you are looking at what they think is the face down top card, when in reality you are simply looking at the next card, which is face up.

This can take some practice. Many prefer to start this trick out by cutting the deck a few times, taking a peek at the bottom card, and then quickly putting in on top while telling some engaging story. Others prefer to hold the deck behind their backs while they do this. The most important part is to keep talking, and keep the audience engaged. While this trick is pretty impressive, it's also easy to spot if somebody is trying to catch you in the act.

A great way to pull this off is to pretend that you aren't a hundred percent certain of the card. Act as if your X-ray vision is that calibrated, and miss a few cards, but not by much. For example, instead of calling the Queen of Hearts, call out the Queen of Diamonds. Instead of calling out the Ace of Spades, call out the Aces of Clubs. And act like you are really trying to see the cards. If you can really ham it up, the audience will be more apt to see if you read the card correctly than to see how exactly you are doing this powerful trick. Have fun with this.


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