Magic Tricks Revealed: The Unbelievable Psychic Card Prediction

Published: 17th March 2010
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This a great trick that you can do over and over again and never get caught. It's a simple card trick that will give you the powerful illusion of being incredibly psychic. No matter how many times they watch you do this trick, they'll never guess how you do it.

This the way the trick will seem to your audience. You simply get a audience member to choose any nine cards from a deck. You tell them to make sure you aren't cheating, you won't event touch the deck. You have them lay out the cards in a three by three grid. You explain to them that once they lay the cards out, you will leave the room.

You further instruct them that in order to really make sure there's nothing fishy going on, they shouldn't even touch the card, merely point it out so the other audience members know which card they chose. They can say it out loud if they want, but it's not required. They just need to quickly point at it, to let the rest of the audience know what card they chose.

You leave the room, and come back. You then expertly read their thoughts, and quickly pick out the card they chose. You can do this as often as you want, with as many different people as you want, and you will always choose the correct card. Even if they switch the cards each time, and lay out nine different cards, you will always pick the right card.

Here's the trick. The only thing you need is a silent helper in the audience. Beforehand, agree on which fingers on both of their hands will correspond to each of the nine cards. Simply have them bend only that finger briefly when you walk back into the room. All you have to do is glance at their hand quickly, and you're good to go.

A great way to cover your tracks, is to glance at their finger right away, then glance quickly at the grid of cards. Once you know the exact card, you can choose to reveal this in any number of ways. Some quick, like just picking up their card, or some extremely drawn out, like putting all the cards back together, and searching through the deck while making a big show of trying hard to read their mind. This is a simple trick and only requires that your helper not spill the beans. One entertaining way to reveal this is to immediately pick up all the cards, place them back in the deck, shuffle it a few times, and then leave the room with the deck. Then after about five minutes, come back with only their card. They will most often be stunned beyond belief. Have fun.


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