Magic Tricks Revealed: The Unexplainable Card Prediction Trick

Published: 18th March 2010
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If you like great tricks that are simple to do, yet have a wide variety of ways to reveal them at the end, then this trick is for you. It is incredibly simple to learn, yet exceedingly powerful. They'll never guess how you do this trick, and you'll quickly establish yourself as a highly skilled magician. This is a great trick all by itself, or as a first card trick among many.

Here's how the trick will look to the audience, or person you are doing the trick with. Take a deck straight of a box. Ask them to pick any card, and then place it on top of the deck. Cut the deck once. Make sure to be obvious that when you cut the deck, you aren't looking at the cards at all.

They will be amazed beyond belief when you calmly take the deck, after you've cut it, fan the cards out and pick theirs out without even getting nervous. They will most likely be stunned beyond recognition, and you will become the most talked about magician in town.

Here's how to do the trick. A couple things are required for this trick to come out OK. First you'll need to "stack the deck." This means arranging the cards in a specific order beforehand. You'll have to pick your favorite suit, and remove them completely, and stack them in order. Then place them on the bottom of the deck, so the Ace is the card on the bottom, followed by the two, then the three, etc. Be careful that you don't show them the cards in the deck.

Secondly, you'll need to be careful that when they choose their card, they don't choose it from your chosen suit that has been carefully ordered. It's simple, as they only need to choose their card from the upper three fourths of the deck. If you want to rely on chance, they will usually choose from this area. But to be on the safe side, you may want to instruct them to pick from the top half. Have them pick out their card, and place it on top of the deck. You don't even have to handle the deck. They can do all the work.

Now simply cut the deck from within your pre selected suit of cards. Just cut anywhere from the bottom fourth of the stack of cards. Then once you quickly glance at the bottom card, and you'll know exactly what card you have just placed on top of theirs. Then you simply fan out the deck, careful not to show them the cards, and pull their card out. Another way is to briefly look through the deck, identify their card, and reveal in any number of different ways. Have a blast with this massively cool trick.


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