Magic Tricks Revealed: The Voodoo Chicken Head Trick

Published: 26th February 2010
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This magic trick is only for those strong enough to withstand the horrible disgust of a crowd long enough to pull of a magical feat of voodoo not seen in modern times. Of course, this is just an illusion, but they will never look at you the same way.

This is the way it will look to your audience that will soon wish they chose another route to wherever they were going before they ran into you. You tell them you have suddenly acquired special voodoo powers from an ancient priestess you happened across in a bar recently. Or you had a visitor from beyond that bestowed you with magical voodoo powers. You then produce a chicken. (Yes a real, life chicken.) You hold the chicken to the crowd, and let them check that it's a real chicken and not a fake one.

You then describe in detail how your magic voodoo powers allow you to rip the head off this poor chicken, and re-attach it. Naturally, they will think you have gone insane. A few may even be on their cell phones to the police, so you'd better hurry. While you are describing the history of voodoo, and how it gives you magical power over animals, you rip off the chickens head. You show it to the horrified crowd, and then quickly re-attach it to the chicken, and let the chicken run away. (Hopefully before the cops show up.)

Here's the trick. Of course, in order to do this, you need a gag chicken head. You can make one, buy it from the Internet, or get one at your friendly neighborhood voodoo shop. While you are telling the audience of your magical voodoo powers, grab the chickens head. Naturally, they won't be watching too closely, and will most likely be ready to turn their heads in disgust should you be crazy enough to really pull off a chicken's head.

As they prepare to turn away in utter terror, simply tuck the chicken's head under it's wing. By holding the real chicken under your left arm, you can keep the fake chicken head close by in your shirt pocket. Nobody will be looking close or careful enough to actually see what is going on. Then when you tuck the chickens head under the wing, pull out the fake chicken head, and quickly thrust it in the face of a few audience members. Do this only for a couple of seconds. Simply slip your hand back, and pull the pretend chicken head out of your shirt pocket, and carefully guide the chickens head under its wing (don't worry, they do this all the time on their own). If you want you can toss the chicken at the audience, further scaring into insanity.

When you're finished, simply hand the chicken back to whoever you borrowed it from. Merely act as if removing and re-attaching a chicken's head is a normal everyday affair for voodoo masters like yourself. Then simply go on your merry way, whistling your favorite Broadway show tune.


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