Movie Review: Voyage Into Space - Japanese Classic Monster Movie

Published: 07th April 2010
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If you are a fan of Japanese monster movies, then you'll love "Voyage Into Space." This movie has everything you need from your thrilling adventure films, and then some. It not only has a robot fighting to protect the earth from a horrible alien monster, but also has a great story of friendship and sacrifice. You can't go wrong with this movie.

Our tale kicks off with a clandestine government body that has created a powerful but obedient robot that will dutifully protect the earth. The robot is constructed to be controlled by a simple looking wristwatch that doubles as an advanced communication device. The only caveat is that the first person who communicates to the giant robot via the wristwatch communication device will be the one who it will forever be obedient too.

Naturally, the first person to speak to, and thus control the robot, is an innocent young boy. He is only playing when he first picks up the watch, accidentally of course, and speaks to the robot. But imagine his surprise when the robot obeys his every command, and obediently protects the boy from all manner of harm that comes his way during this epic piece of film making.

It appears that the boy has found a great friend, one that is capable of shooting missiles from his fingers and carrying the boy on trips around the world. Naturally, this is short lived as the earth is soon invaded by horribly destructive aliens from who knows where. This will test the strength of their friendship. Will the robot hero risk everything, including his friendship with the boy to protect the earth? Will they even be successful?

At first it appears as if the robot will be successful and protect the earth from the invading monsters, but all is not well. The invading monster is made from a highly explosive material, and if he is shot, the entire earth will be destroyed. So shooting the alien dead is not an option for our powerful robot hero. He must respond to the global threat with drastic measures indeed.

And in a sad tale of self sacrifice, the robot grabs the monster, and carries him deep into the depths of space, where he will pose no risk to the innocent inhabitants of the earth. The boy, of course, is without a friend, he he has gained a valuable lesson in courage. Sometimes you must go to great sacrifices to save your friends, even to the point of sacrificing your own life. If you would like to watch a thrilling movie with a profound moral message, look no further than "Voyage Into Space."


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